Launched to build small storage buildings, Amish Barn Company first expanded into a wider range of outdoor structures before tackling Amish made, original furniture. Now we’re tackling the antique and used furniture market, bringing great, classic pieces back to the market for our valued customers.

Among our stock of gorgeous antiques, you’ll find a variety of furniture, including but not limited to desks, armories and bookshelves. However, much more is available for purchase.

Our diverse selection of pieces captures the spontaneous fun of antique shopping: you never know what you’re going to find. It’s a real treasure hunt!

Additionally, we make online “window shopping” irresistible for you through this great deal. Mention you saw an online for sale on this used furniture and antique page at our Oneonta, New York store and we’ll take 10% off!

Don’t want to lose out a piece that’s caught your eye? Call 607-432-0527 to purchase or hold item with a credit card.