• Horse Barns

    Providing shelter for horses is essential to protect them not only from wind, rain, and snow, but also to provide shade on hot sunny days and some reprieve from insects. Stall barns are a great place to care for your horse and provide a safe and comfortable home for them. However, horses do best when they can pasture to stay strong and healthy. Having a run-in barn for them in the field so they can shelter during the day as needed is a great solution to allowing them freedom and a place to take cover. Amish Barn Company provides free delivery of our horse structures, within 100 miles of Oneonta, NY. If you have concerns about your access, let us know! Often pictures are a great place to start. If necessary, we will send one of our delivery experts out to your property for a site check.

    Horse run-in barn
    Horse stall barn

  • Chicken Coops

    Enjoy fresh eggs and family fun with a quality-built chicken coop. Choose from a variety of styles and sizes – with a long list of standard features.
    Or let us customize your chicken coop to meet your specific needs. Either way, it’s sure to give your chickens something to cluck about!
    With your complete satisfaction a top priority, our family-owned business is proud to offer you a full line of hand-crafted chicken coops at great prices. All designed for the comfort and safety of your feathered friends….and easier egg collecting for you.

    Standard chicken coop
    Combination chicken coop

  • Dog Kennels

    Keep your dog safe, and well cared for without worry, with one of our kennels. We have lots of options to make sure the kennel enhances your property value and blends well with your other buildings. Our main concern is giving you the options to keep your dog comfortable. We have everything you need to give your furry friend his own comfortable house! From flooring that is safe for their little feet, doors that open just for them, and even the optional air conditioning and heating. We cater to all types of dog owners, whether you have one family pet or need a commercial unit for your dogs, we have a kennel that will fit your needs.

Ronnie the Rooster

Goats, Ducks, Pigs, Sheep, Rabbits And Kitties Too!

Amish Barn Company can build a structure for any of your animals. There are endless options in customizing one of our buildings to fit your pet’s needs. With floors, no floors, feed rooms, big stalls, little stalls, duck sized doors, rabbit sized doors, dividing walls, extra ventilation, loft space, roosting space. What does your animal like? We’ve even customized our sheds for the amazing Peacock! Visit our Custom Building page for different building ideas. Don’t see what you are looking for? Contact us! We can help design the right building to house your animals in style and comfort! Delivery is always free within 100 miles of our Oneonta, NY location.

Goat sneaking a peek out the door
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