Farm Fresh Eggs in Your Own Backyard

Wooden Chicken Coop

Raising chickens has been a common practice at farms and among rural families, but nowadays chickens are finding new owners in the suburbs.

Many people are now looking at adding small chicken flocks of their own in their backyards. There are many reasons why people choose chickens, including the ease of raising them and the small amount of space generally needed to provide them with a home. Plus, raising chickens offers owners an easy way to get their own farm-fresh eggs from their own coops.

It’s the latest extension of the urban and suburban farming movement, which has taken place all across the U.S.

Amish-Built Chicken Coops

With so many people now looking to add chickens of their own, we’ve decided to help make it easier with our pre-fabricated chicken coops.  Available in several different styles and colors, our coops can house just a few chickens or up to 20 chickens. With fully enclosed options and designs that provide a run area for those with grass and lawn for chickens to feed, you can choose the option that will work best for your home and available space.

Benefits of Your Own Chicken Coop

Groceries are expensive, and when buying eggs, they can add up in price after a while. Having your own chickens on your land to produce farm fresh eggs for you without having to go to the supermarket is a great benefit. Plus, you won’t have to worry about the antibiotics that are pumped into those supermarket chickens.

As the world looks to more sustainable solutions when it comes to farming, climate, and energy, farm fresh eggs is one of those solutions as an individual or family. You can eat healthier and save money doing so.

Amish Barn Company

Pricing for chicken coops starts at just $80 per month, and with free delivery available within 100 miles of our Oneonta facility, you can easily get the structure you need to make chicken raising a reality at your home with Amish Barn Company. To learn more about our chicken coops or to order yours, give us a call today at 607-432-0527. filed under: Amish Furniture, Amish Sheds, Chicken Coops, Outdoor Structures, Uncategorized

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