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A Wooden Furniture Care Guide

Amish wooden furniture is a smart investment for your home for a lot of different reasons—chief among them its incredible durability. A quality-made furniture piece of solid wood can last for generations and be passed down for decades without losing its quality. Wood is strong, timeless in style, and generally easy to maintain.

Amish-made furniture is a unique, gorgeous accent to any home, which means it’s important to know how to care for it. Just like any other material, there is a specific way to tend to wooden furniture.

We’ve put together some tips that cover the basics of wooden furniture care, and we guarantee that if you follow them your Amish pieces are in for a lifetime of excellence and use! Put the right amount of love and attention into your hand-crafted wooden furniture to make sure you can continue to bask in the warmth and quality it offers every household.

Clean wooden furniture regularly.

As we mentioned earlier, wooden furniture maintenance is fairly simple and straightforward. Regular wipe downs and dustings are all you really need to keep these extraordinary pieces in great shape.

There’s no need to tend to wooden furniture every day—you can keep the cleanings down to once a week or once every few days. Built-up dust can damage wood finishes, so it’s important not to skip over it.

Take some extra time to thoroughly polish wooden furnishings every six months or so as well, depending on how much use each piece gets.

Use the right materials.

An easy way to ruin a quality piece of wooden furniture is by cleaning with the wrong tools. You’ll want to use a damp rag for wiping down and dusting any wood furniture pieces.

A dry cloth could potentially scratch the finish so make sure you moisten it with warm, soapy water before you start washing. A microfiber cloth is another good option.

Polish your Amish furniture with natural oil and products without abrasive chemicals—avoid anything ammonia-based or with silicone. Harsh chemicals can build up a nasty film on wooden furniture, and often strip or strain the finish.

Keep the environment controlled.

Wooden furniture thrives when kept in ideal conditions. An unsuitable environment can significantly diminish the quality and lifespan of the one-of-a-kind Amish pieces you’ve invested in. Wood responds to changes in both temperature and humidity—take care to keep them both consistent and acclimated to the furniture.

The best temperature for wooden furniture is between 60-80 degrees Fahrenheit, and 30-45% humidity is optimal. Depending on your climate, you may want to use a dehumidifier or a humidifier to help keep the room’s moisture level stable. Wood swells in high humidity and shrinks when it decreases, movement that can warp or break it over time.

Keep wooden furniture out of direct sunlight, unless you’re buying furniture specifically made for the outdoors and to withstand natural elements. Prolonged exposure to UV rays will change the color of the wood and can degrade the finish.

At Amish Barn Company, we offer a variety of original, handcrafted wooden furniture pieces that will flood your home with character and charm. Invest in quality Amish furniture that you’ll want to take care of—visit our website or give us a call today!


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