The Ultimate Packing Checklist for Your Winter Cabin Trip

Cabin in the woods and snowMany people use the cold winter weather as an excuse to escape to tropical climates and head on luxury cruises, but a cozy cabin trip can be just as much fun! There’s just something about the combination of a magical snowfall, serene woodland, and roaring fire that makes you want to hole up in a winter cabin for a few nights.

If you and your family are thinking about heading to a lodge or even your own camp or cabin for a mini-holiday getaway, you need to make sure you arrive fully prepared. Use this checklist to make sure you don’t leave anything behind when you embark upon your fun and snuggly winter vacation!


When it comes to winter packing, you can never have enough layers! It’s better to overpack and have plenty to keep you warm than end up shivering. Think thick, comfortable, and water-resistant.

Outwear and Mid-Layers

You’re definitely going to want to bring a heavy winter coat to keep you warm outside of the cabin. Make sure it’s durable, insulated, and water-resistant. If it rains or snows and you’re in a cotton or wool coat, you’ll be soaked and chilled to the bone. For mid-layers, sweaters and pullovers will do. Don’t forget a thick pair of cabin or wool socks too!


Jeans are a dependable option that’ll keep you warm and dry for the most part. You’re also probably going to want a pair of sweatpants for sleeping and relaxing around the cabin. If you plan on doing any outdoor winter activities, invest in a good pair of snow pants or overalls!

Base Layers

Don’t make the mistake of thinking you won’t sweat in the winter—you will! Moisture-wicking base layers are essential for keeping that sweat from cooling down your body. Long-sleeve shirts or even dri-fit T-shirts should do the trick. A few pairs of thermal underwear and thin, water-resistant socks are another must.

Mittens, hats and sweaters for heatAccessories

Accessorizing for your winter cabin trip doesn’t require much more than what you would wear for a winter work commute. Thick gloves or mittens, a scarf, and a hat are all you really need to keep your extremities toasty. For shoes, go with a good pair of snow boots or waterproof hiking boots, and some slippers for the cabin!



Packing one or two flashlights for a cabin trip is camping 101. A gas or battery-powered lantern can also prove to be very useful, along with a fire-starting kit if you have one! Make sure to throw in some extra batteries, and maybe a few candles to keep things cozy.


If your cabin is not already equipped with a bed, you might want to invest in a portable cot for the weekend to make sure you get a good night’s sleep. You’ll need an insulated sleeping bag with some extra pillows and blankets too. Winter nights in the woods can get pretty cold, so a sleeping bag liner isn’t a bad idea either.


Don’t forget about having fun while you’re packing for your trip—that’s the whole point of going! Bring a couple of things to keep you and any travel companions entertained. Electronics, card games, board games, and a book or two should keep you busy. If you’re an adventurous outdoorsy type, stock your trunk with some winter activity gear too—sleds, cross country skis, a snow tube, and even a snowboard!

Food & Drink

Easy food to cook and eatEquipment

If you don’t already have appliances at the cabin you’re staying in, you can easily make do with some classic camping essentials!

Bring a cooler with plenty of ice to store your food and a second one for your drinks. A portable stove or grill should make cooking pretty easy. You might even consider bringing a crockpot for preparing casseroles or other dishes in the morning to enjoy when you return later in the day! Of course, don’t forget all the utensils you’ll need for cooking, serving, and cleaning up.


Another great part of a wintry getaway is the chance to indulge in some comfort food. Pack all your favorite snacks and easy meals—ready to heat and eat or ingredients to make fresh—to keep you satiated throughout the trip. Be sure to bring enough for breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day. Have plenty of water on hand and maybe some tasty cocktails or savory beers to warm you up!

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