Transitioning Your Cabin from Winter to Spring

We can feel it in the air; the sun is starting to make an appearance more and more often and temperatures are slowly beginning to rise. It won’t be long before we’re saying goodbye to the cold winter months and welcoming spring with open arms. Have you started thinking about your spring-cleaning list yet? If you’re lucky enough to own a frontier or weekender cabin, it’s important to note that it deserves a list of its own.

Taking steps to properly transition your cabin from winter to spring will ensure it stands the test of time. Here are a few tips to help you get it ready for the season ahead:

Inspect the Roof

14x20 A-frame cabin with metal roofing

Winter can be harsh on roofs, especially with snow accumulation and potential ice damage. As the snow begins to melt, take the opportunity to inspect your cabin roof for any signs of damage, such as missing shingles or leaks. Early detection of these problems can prevent more extensive damage down the line.

Pro tip: If you’re still in the planning phase of designing an Amish-built cabin, talk to us about customization and upgrading to a metal roof. Metal roofs are great during winter months, as they are able to shed snow more efficiently and can make the winter to spring transition less daunting.

Check for Pests

It’s common for critters to seek refuge from the cold, and it’s possible they might have taken up residency in your cabin over the last few months. Take extra care to walk around the perimeter of your cabin and look for any points of entry that may need to be fixed. Check under eaves, under windows, and if your cabin features a loft, make sure you climb up and have a look around.

Outdoor Refresh

We pride ourselves on the level of craftsmanship that goes into our Amish-built cabins. To maintain the beauty and durability of the wood, spring is the perfect time to clean all exterior wooden surfaces, including the porch, railings, doors, and window frames. Over time, you may consider re-sealing these surfaces to protect them from moisture and sun damage.

Indoor Refresh

In addition to applying the same advice for outdoor wooden surfaces to those indoors, spring is the perfect time to open up the window and doors and air out the interior of your cabin. Dust off surfaces and wash textiles, such as curtains, cushions, blankets, etc. If your cabin houses appliances, such as a refrigerator and stove, now would be the perfect time to clean those, as well. You can even take the time to swap out winter décor for brighter, more spring/summer-forward options.

Update the Landscaping

12x24 A-frame log cabin with beautiful landscaping

Clean up any debris left from winter, such as fallen branches or dead leaves. Trim back overgrown bushes and prepare garden beds by tilling the soil or adding new mulch. If you have perennials, check their health and plan for any new plants or flowers you’d like to add to brighten up the outdoor space around your cabin.

Whether you use your cabin for camping, entertaining, or just as a place to retreat for some peace and quiet, these quick transitional steps will help you prep the space for the season ahead, so you can enjoy the warm weather to its fullest!