Unique Uses for Your Amish-Built Shed

When you think of your tradition backyard shed, there are probably a few obvious uses that come to mind. For years this space has primarily been used to store landscaping equipment, gardening tools, and a random assortment of outdoor odds and ends. But have you ever found yourself wondering what other potential this space might hold?

Depending on your needs and the size you choose (no, not all sheds need to be a square, windowless box!), an Amish-built shed from Amish Barn Co. can easily be transformed into a functional and enjoyable space. Here are just a few creative ideas to consider:

Custom, black, Amish-built shed with sliding glass doors and transom window for added light

A Home Office   

Over the last few years, work-from-home has become extremely common for most companies. What some might have initially thought to be temporary has now become permanent, and an office setup at the dining room table may not be cutting it anymore. If you need a quiet, dedicated space that the square footage of your home won’t allow, think less home office and more backyard office. You have to admit—a peaceful spot in the garden where you can focus without the distractions of your household does sound nice, doesn’t it?

A Personal Gym

Prefer the privacy and convenience of working out at home but don’t have the extra space to accommodate your equipment? An Amish-built shed could be the answer. Outfit your shed with weights, mirrors, foam or rubber flooring, and anything else you may need to work up a good sweat. With this and a home office, keep in mind that you would likely need to connect with contractors to set up electrical, as well as insulation and ventilation to keep your shed comfortable all year round.

Custom Amish-built shed with shelving for craft supplies, potted plants, or anything else that requires storage and organization

A Crafting Room

Anyone who crafts will tell you that it can take on a life of its own. Whether it’s knitting, sewing, scrapbooking, or something else entirely, the number of supplies that accumulate over time can quickly outgrow the small corner in the basement that you’re currently using. If you choose to build a custom shed with us, we can add a workbench and plenty of shelving to keep your supplies organized and within reach the next time you go to work on a project.

A Music Studio

Have a budding musician on your hands? Creating a space for them in the backyard could be a great way to indulge their passions without disturbing the rest of the household. You can make it even more special by decorating the space with comfortable seating, mood lighting, and posters of their favorite bands. When the weekend comes around on those warm summer nights here in Oneonta, NY, allow them to open up the doors and perform a backyard concert for you and the rest of the family.

Of course, these are just a few ideas to spark the imagination, but we hope this helps you see how many possibilities there are if you are open to trying something a bit unique. What do you think? Could you see yourself transforming an Amish-built shed into one of these functional spaces, or would you create something different? We want to hear from you! Just give us a call to discuss what you need and we’d be happy to make recommendations on the ideal size structure.