The Benefits of Having a Pool House

Pool house by a poolThe modern pool house is no longer just a place to conveniently change into swimwear or dry clothes. There are many innovative and valuable ways to use one to enhance your backyard!

Investing in a quality pool house is an excellent opportunity to use your imagination to create a customized space that will last you many years to come. If you’re still not sure, check out some of the advantages this unique structure offers your home and your family!

Another place to entertain guests.

A backyard with a fun, refreshing pool is the perfect place to throw a summer party. It can get tricky though when guests have to trek across the yard and through the house to change, eat, and use the bathroom in wet swimsuits and muddy shoes. Keep the party condensed to the pool area and your home clean and dry with a pool house! After everyone gets tired of the pool, you also have the perfect place to serve food and drinks and play some seriously fun party games.

Extra storage space.

Running short on places to put your warm weather gear when the snow starts to fall? A large pool house doubles as an extra storage area! Keep seasonal items like patio furniture, outdoor toys and decor, and landscaping tools secure and out of the way when they’re not in use. A pool house can also serve as a year-round storage space for pool chemicals, tools, and accessories to ensure your backyard is safe and free of clutter.

Use it as a guesthouse.

A pool house is the perfect solution when out-of-town friends and family come in for a visit and need a place to stay! Put them up in a comfortable, luxurious auxiliary space that allows you to offer hospitality while still maintaining a sense of privacy for both parties. Design your pool house with a bathroom and a bedroom or sleeping space, and you’ll be good to go!

Turn it into a custom getaway.

Make your pool house the perfect oasis for you to retreat to when you’re feeling stressed or just need some time by yourself. It’s the perfect little escape that doesn’t require you to go too far but still provides a sense of tranquil seclusion. Transform your pool house into a home gym, dedicated work office, craft space, or just your own cozy hideaway!

At Amish Barn Company, we will work with you to design a pool house that fits your needs and lives up to your wildest dreams. Contact us today to get started exploring the endless possibilities our handcrafted, custom-made and pre-built structures can open up for you!