Pre-Built Amish Barns Offer the Best Storage Options

Blue shed in winter

Amish-built barns are among the most iconic structures in rural America, but not everyone is fortunate enough to have a stately old barn on their property. At Amish Barn Company, we strive to make these classic structures accessible to all our customers by offering pre-built barns in a variety of sizes and styles.

Our pre-built barns are available with walls up to seven feet in height, built-in workbenches, lofts and more. Plus, we always offer FREE delivery within 100 miles of Oneonta, NY.

Amish Barn Sizes

We have several different styles and sizes of 2-story backyard barns and dutch barns for your preference. Some may come pre-built to an extent with the advantage of being finished and put together on site. Depending on the option you choose and size, we will work with you to make sure it is placed and built properly to your liking.

Take this 12 x 24 pre-built barn, for example. This barn offers plenty of storage space without taking up too much space on your property. Best of all, you can get this beautiful Amish-built barn for around $10,000 and monthly payments as low as $481.46.

Benefits of Amish Barn Company

At Amish Barn Company, we take pride in the Amish-built products we offer. From 2-story barns to dog kennels, we have everything you may need for your home or off-the-grid property. Interested in learning more about any of the pre-built barns we have available at Amish Barn Company? Browse our inventory online or give us a call today at (607) 432-0527 to speak with a representative! filed under: Amish Barns, Outdoor Structures, Pre-Built Barns

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