Get All The Storage You Need With a Custom Built-On-Site Garage

With spring approaching slowly but surely, you may be thinking about all the improvements you’d like to make to your property once the snow melts and warm weather returns to our area. If so, this is the perfect time to reserve your slot for a custom-built garage from Amish Barn Company. In addition to our smaller pre-fab garages, we offer built-on-site options for customers with more significant storage needs.

In just a few days, we can build the garage you’ve always wanted to your exact specifications.

All you have to do is tell us what you’re looking for and have a concrete contractor pour the floor of the garage according to the dimensions of the structure. You can choose everything from the wall height and roof pitch to decorative elements like dormers and cupolas. Our built-on-site garages are also available with a variety of siding, window and door options. Just choose the ones that best suit your property’s aesthetic and we’ll design a durable Amish-built garage to match your vision.

Keep in mind that there will be an approximate six-week lead time between ordering and construction.

This gives our customers time to have a concrete floor poured, and it gives us time to pre-cut materials to ensure a fast, efficient build. Place your order soon to make sure you can reserve your slot in the spring!

You can view a few examples of garages we’ve built in the past here. To learn more about all the customization options we offer in our built-on-site garages, feel fee to give us a call or contact us online today!