Encourage Your Kids to Play Outside in These Amazing Playhouses

Calling all parents: spring is in the air, which means the kids can finally break out of the living room or playroom and take advantage of the great outdoors! If you have kids who are a bit reluctant to leave behind their TVs, iPads or computers, don’t worry: at Amish Barn Company, we have some ideas that might help you entice them to head outside.

Our children’s playhouses are unique and fun, ranging from traditional swing sets with slides and monkey bars to incredibly distinctively designed, intricate playhouses.

Fire Truck PlayhouseFor the kiddos who love to play house, check out our traditional playhouses. They can be built as replicas to your own home, complete with matching siding and trim, and once they’re nestled in the backyard with a few kitchen toys and a spot to color, you’ll have a hard time getting your kids to come in and wash up for dinner. They’ll spend countless hours pretending in their kid-sized dollhouse!

If you want something a little flashier, how about a boat? If your kids aren’t into the idea of a classic swing set, but still want a unique playhouse with a slide, Amish Barn Company has a backyard boat, complete with a gangway, boat’s wheel, a two-level deck and a hull for the pirates to play hide and seek.

For kids who are more into civic duty make believe than pirating, we also offer a fire truck playground set, which is built to look just like a kid-sized fire truck. This design features two slides, as well as a few spots for the firefighters to sit while they drive, plus storage for all their fire-fighting tools.

We can outfit your backyard with a full range of custom creations, from a dump truck to a castle playground or whatever your imagination dreams up! Take a look at our in-stock inventory now to see the playhouses that are immediately available, or call us today at 607-432-0527 to learn more about ordering a custom playset creation for your children.