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Tiny Home or Camp Cabin: We’ve Got You Covered!

Tiny  Home Movement Americans work long hours just to be able to afford one necessary aspect of living – shelter. Homeownership tends to be highly expensive and it is only part of what we as human beings need to live a comfortable and happy life. Our work needs to also be able to ensure we can afford food and basic amenities. The homes and apartments for which we all work so hard can also unnecessarily waste a lot of energy, endangering our environment and wasting hard-earned money!

For these reasons and many others, the tiny house movement is an excellent solution. Offering a minimal footprint, energy efficiency and an affordable price compared to conventional homeownership, this trend has surged in recent years. Tiny homes and cabins allow people to live in a smarter and more basic way, while still enjoying a comfortable space and charming quarters. Still not sure what it’s all about? The Tiny Life offers more information about the tiny home movement on its website.

At Amish Barn Company, we specialize in authentic, Amish-built, single-story modular cabins. These tiny homes are perfect for anyone looking for a cozy camp cabin or who want a more basic, tiny home. Many people have begun to live smaller and more basic for many reasons. It is cost effective and energy efficient, and living a minimalist lifestyle allows a person to save money while still enjoying a comfortable space that’s all their own. Our cabins are available in a range of sizes, starting at 12 by 20 feet up to 14 by 40 feet, allowing us to give buyers a comfortable yet simple living solution.

We offer three single-wide cabin packages that are incredibly affordable! The first option is The Camp, which is a basic recreational model and perfect for your hunting camp. Our second option is The Weekender, which is a mid-level sized cozy cabin. Our third option is the Catskills Cabin, which is a deluxe recreational cabin suitable for all seasons.

Whether you’re looking for an ideal, fully preconstructed camp for your hunting grounds or weekend getaway location or want to get in on the tiny house movement, Amish Barn Company can help. Based in Oneonta, New York, we offer free delivery to anywhere within a 100-mile radius, and with prices as low as $300 a month for a rent-to-own solution, you can’t beat the prices and the quality of construction.

If you wish to live simpler, happier and in a more cost effective way, a tiny home or camp cabin might be the answer for you. To learn more, call us today at 607-432-0527.

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Helen Franco

In the spring, I’d like to come up to your location and checkout your barns, cottages, etc. My purpose is a 400/500sq.ft, tiny house as well as a guest cottage.
Do people come up to see the models? I’d also like to explore how plumbing and electric are done and how insulated one could be for year round use.
I love your site…I love the look for your work. Let me know when I can make an appointment in April.
Thanks a million!


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