The Advantages of Choosing a Detached Garage for Your Property

Amish-Built Garages in Oneonta, NY

A garage is a wise and worthwhile investment for homeowners looking for more storage space, a place to protect their cars, or an extra area to use for hobbies and relaxation. When choosing the right garage for you and your property, there are plenty of options for you to consider.

You may be thinking about adding your garage directly on to the side of your home. While an attached garage can be enticing because of the convenience, they come up short when compared to the advantages a detached garage has to offer!

A detached garage is a safer option.

People like attached garages because they don’t have to walk outside to access them. That’s all well and good until you face a dangerous situation in your garage—such as a fire or a gas leak. With a detached garage, these hazards can be easily contained and pose less of a threat to your house and family.

There’s more opportunity for customization.

When you don’t need to conform your garage to the style or structure of your house, you’ll have fewer limitations when it comes to building exactly what you want! A detached garage can be constructed in any design you’d like and built to the precise size and specifications you need. It’s also easier to add to your property and to expand upon in the future.

Create more usable space on your property.

A garage that’s attached to your house is really just an expansion of the living space you already have. A detached garage, in contrast, is ripe with possibilities for adding features that give it different purposes.

It can be another spot for a covered patio or to build a deck off of, or even transformed into an entirely separate living area. Use a detached garage as a workshop, hangout, or apartment to rent out without having to worry about noise or disruption in your main house.

At Amish Barn Company, our garages are designed and built with the finest craftsmanship, so you’ll be able to enjoy them for years to come!

Browse our prefab options for a quick and easy solution to your garage needs, or let our team built you a custom garage on-site. Contact us today so we can help you find the best Amish-built structure to fit your needs!