Sick of Snow Already? Plan to Add a Garage in Spring

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Winter has just begun to rear its ugly head, and we’re already feeling the forces of nature at work. Every year, New Yorkers feel the cold of winter start to creep up and begin to bundle up for what could be months of chilly, snowy weather. But not only do we have the biting cold in the winter, but many of us also have to contend with the feet upon feet of lake effect snow that comes crashing down upon us.

Sure, winter has some of its perks. There’s the fun of playing in the snow, seeing the looks of wonder on our children’s face as they see it for the first time, and experiencing how that fresh powder can add a little extra festive look to our homes and yards.

No Garage for Your Vehicle

That’s all well and good, but there are downsides, as well. For instance, it is always a bummer when you go outside at the start of the day, ready to go to work, and you are stunned to find that your car is completely covered with snow. It can take a while to clear your car and give it time to warm up. Not to mention the effect that snow can have on the roads, especially if plow trucks haven’t had a chance to clear a path where you live. All told, it can be a lot to handle.

But there is an alternative. Just imagine going out on that snowy morning and instead of cleaning off your car, you could go into a nice warm garage to find your car looking good as new and ready for the road! A garage can be a real lifesaver, both for the protection of your vehicle and as an additional storage place for seasonal household items or other equipment or toys, like snowblowers, motorcycles, four-wheelers and more.

Think that a new garage is out of reach? Think again.

Amish-Built Garages

With the Amish Barn Company, we work hard to offer garage options that can be tailored to meet your needs. We have a range of prefabricated styles and sizes, from single-vehicle storage to larger double-wide garages that are big enough to store a second vehicle, provide a workshop space or offer extra storage space.

Our garages are well made, too, with pressure-treated floor joists able to support thousands of pounds. Want to have a concrete floor? No problem – we can assist you with that as well. When you purchase your new garage, you have the choice of our pre-fab models or customizable models that will perfectly complement your home and meet your every need.

If winter already has you down and you’ve already decided a new garage is in your future, start your planning now. Consider the size and model that might work best for you and give us a call at 607-432-0527 to set up a consultation.

Don’t let winter control you. Control winter instead and keep your car and belongings protected in all seasons with a great new garage from the Amish Barn Company. filed under: Garages

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