How to Safely Store Your Firewood During the Colder Months

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As the temperatures start to drop and daylight dwindles with the onset of the fall season, your cozy fireplace is probably looking more tempting every day! Outdoor fires are still planned, but when the colder seasons take form, it’s important to make sure you store your firewood in a safe area.

A fireplace is a great asset to your home, but it doesn’t come without its responsibilities. Along with keeping the structure itself in good condition, you have to think about the safest and most efficient way to store your wood. Make sure you’re using the proper practices to keep it in good condition and safely warm your home for the season!

Store firewood at a safe distance from your home.

Wood kept too close to your house or any other structure is a hazard to you and your family. Along with the increased risk of fire, logs stored in or near your home can lead to an infestation of termites and other insects. There’s no need to trek miles through the snow for your firewood, but it should always be kept at least five feet away from your house.

Allow for air circulation.

Wet wood is more difficult to burn, prone to insect infestation, mold and fungus, and can lead to an increased buildup of hazardous debris in your chimney. Make sure your firewood is stored in a place that leaves it exposed to open air and/or sunlight at all times.

Unless you live in a dry climate, covering your stacks with a tarp is a good way to protect it from moisture in the air—just be sure to leave the sides uncovered so they still receive adequate airflow.

Protect it from the ground.

You should never store firewood directly on the ground. The logs will absorb moisture from the soil, become damp, and burn less effectively—if at all. Keep your firewood on a log rack, asphalt, concrete, tarp, or other surface to prevent damage.

Most experts agree that the best place to store firewood is in an open-ended wood shed. At Amish Barn Company, we offer handcrafted board and batten, dura-temp, and vinyl sheds for optimal firewood storage! Our structures are available in a variety of sizes, colors, and custom options too.

Browse our inventory or contact our experts today so you can get started prepping your firewood for the season!

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