How to Clean Your Horse Stall

Muck out the stalls horse stalls

Becoming a horse owner is a rewarding experience. It gives you a chance to bond with an incredible creature, opens up opportunities for riding and socializing, and it’s a great way to spend time in the fresh outdoor air!

Like any pet, a horse comes with a lot of responsibility. Aside from giving them constant love and attention, you’ll have to groom them, make sure they follow a nutritious diet, keep them active, and keep their stall clean and hygienic. Follow this simple process to give your horse’s stall a good, thorough cleaning so you can ensure they always have a comfortable home to retreat to!

Gather your tools.

The first step of a successful stall cleaning is to make sure you have all the right tools available and ready to use. Start by grabbing yourself some thick gloves and a nice pair of rubber boots to keep you well-protected while you work. Bring over your shovel, pitchfork, a manure bucket or wheelbarrow, and a broom to cover all your bases!

Muck out used bedding.

Soiled bedding can quickly become a breeding ground for disease and infection for you and your horse. It’s important to swap it out for a fresh pile regularly! Clear the stall and start moving the used bedding and manure into your bucket or wheelbarrow. You can do a full purge or salvage any bedding in good shape to reuse later.

Lay down a fresh layer.

Once your stall is free of manure and dirty bedding, cover the floor in a thick layer of the fresh stuff! Spread out the older bedding you’re reusing first before adding a blanket of new bedding. Be sure to pile it on thick and cover the stall evenly to keep your horse comfortable. If you tap your pitchfork through and can hear it when it hits the floor, you don’t have enough.

Sweep up.

Finish up the process with a good sweeping. Use your broom to brush away any leftover or spilled debris and bedding from the doorways and hallways. Clear walkways help prevent muddy buildup that requires more intensive cleaning later on!

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