Horse Barns and Run-In Sheds Provide Shelter and Security

Run In Shed

It’s finally winter season, and you probably have your horses in their shelter for the colder months. At Amish Barn Co, we offer horse barns and run-in sheds in a variety of configurations to suit the needs of each of our customers. Check out a few of our most popular options below if you’re thinking of upgrading for next year!

Lean-To Barns

Thanks to their hinged overhang design, our lean-to barns can be delivered right to your property as a complete unit. Once the barn arrives, we simply raise the overhang and brace it with posts. This feature allows us to deliver complete lean-to barns up to 12’ X 28’ with no need for additional construction.

Stall Barns

These barns are available in the same dimensions as our lean-to barns, but without the hinged overhang. Constructed from durable, rugged materials, stall barns offer complete protection from the elements. They also come equipped with interior window grills to prevent accidental damage from animals.

Run-In Sheds

When your animals need to make a quick escape from the rain and snow, there’s no better place to go than a run-in shed. These structures are built with attractive kiln-dried white pine siding that can either be stained or left to weather naturally. They also include 4’ high interior oak kick-boards to protect them from regular wear and tear.

Modular Barns

When you need an especially large barn that’s customized to your specifications, modular horse barns are typically your best option. These barns are available with a number of optional features including sliding windows with grills, cupolas and weather vanes. They also offer several flexible stall layout options.

You can browse the barns we currently have in stock online, or give us a call to learn more about any of the handcrafted structures we can build for you today!