Five Uses for a New Shed

Grey shed

Have you ever wished you had a little more storage space? Maybe you want a designated location for your outdoor toys or equipment. Whatever your needs, adding a new shed to your backyard offers you many great options. Let’s take a look at five potential uses for a new shed from Amish Barn Co. at your home.

1 – Extra Storage

You can never have enough space, which means adding a shed to your property can be a real lifesaver. You can store almost anything in your shed. Whether you’re using the shed to store seasonal clothes that your family isn’t wearing, preserve stuffed animals that your kids have outgrown, or books that you have already read, a shed provides extra storage space to keep your belongings without taking up room in your basement, garage or closets.

2 – Store Your Landscaping Tools

If you care for your own yard then there is no doubt that you have a lawnmower, weed whacker and all kinds of shovels and rakes. If you garden as well, you probably have small yard tools, too, like trowels, spades and shovels. These items are made for the outdoors, and naturally cannot be stored in the house. That makes a shed the perfect solution. A shed can also serve as a staging area for planting as well, giving you a place to store soil, seedlings and other plants as you gear up for each planting season. The larger your shed, the more space you will have, so select the shed style and size that works best for you and your needs.

3 – Store All of Your Outdoor Toys

Always wanted to buy that sweet ATV or have your eye on a cool little dirtbike but decided not to because you didn’t anywhere to store it? Then purchase a shed! Whether you prefer the look of our DuraTemp and vinyl sheds or like the more authentic and rustic appeals of our board and batten style, either option will give you the extra space you need to store your new outdoor toys.

4 – Create an Artist’s Studio

Have someone in the home who likes to paint or draw? Then buy a shed and give them their own exclusive studio to work on their gifts. Our sheds are large enough to store an easel, workbench, stool and more. Get a batten shed with windows to get some inspiration from the outdoors. There are a range of different options for your shed.

5 – Firewood Storage

If you live out in the country and have a fireplace in your home, then you know how wonderful it is to heat your home with firewood. But where do you keep it? You don’t necessarily want to keep it out in the open where it can get wet or covered with snow or soaked in the rain. Having a firewood shed is the perfect solution. You can keep your firewood stacked and dry within steps of your door, and even use any extra space to store an axe or wood splitter.

Whether you want a new shed for one of the reasons above or for another purpose entirely, Amish Barn Co. has many different types of sheds for you. We offer vinyl, DuraTemp and board and batten varieties to choose from to give you the look and the space you need at your home. To learn more or to get started with ordering a new shed, call us today at 607-432-0527.