Add Storage for Your Car and Your Warm-Weather Toys with a Garage

Beautiful two car wooden garage in NY

Storage can be an ongoing issue. Most of us have tons of odds and ends, and sometimes that even means clearing out your garage in the fall to make sure you have space for your car when the colder seasons approach. It happens to the best of us, and the battle for space is always an issue. It’s especially an issue if you need room for your warm-weather “toys.”

Custom-Built Garages

Fortunately, Amish Barn Company offers custom-built garages to fit all of your needs. We can work with you to create a customized structure that will not only provide enough room for your vehicles, but also for your extra spring and summertime equipment. As the weather gets nicer, a lot of us will be participating in outdoor adventures, and for many of us that may include riding a four-wheeler or all-terrain vehicle, motorcycle or dirt bike.

Personalized for Your Storage Needs

Our custom garages can even be built to include a second story, offering additional storage space or a play area for your children during the warmer weather. We can design your garage to have as many bays as you need and offer a range of siding and garage door choices to match your desired color scheme and aesthetic preferences.

As Americans, we are often focused on going bigger – bigger homes, bigger cars and even bigger sequels. Going bigger has its place, but sometimes you only have a small need. Amish Barn Company has you covered there, as well. We also offer custom board and batten sheds for those looking for smaller options. Our selection provides plenty of adaptability to meet your needs, whether you need space for your lawn and landscaping equipment or a space to store pool supplies.

Amish-Built Structures

If you are in need of storage – large or small – Amish Barn Company can create a new garage or barn for you onsite. With your new custom-built storage space, your spring cleaning duties will become much easier, allowing you more time to enjoy the great outdoors. Learn more about our barns and sheds today by calling 607-432-0527.